Top 5 Instagram Cat Babies

Urara from @sanchelove

I’m sure you have noticed that I am obsessed with cats. I may not own one, but I LOVE cats. They are god’s gift to the world, random, fuzzy, beautiful creatures that the beauty industry named a style of applying eyeliner after.

Because I love cats, I thought I’d share with everyone some cats to follow to brighten your day! Here are my top 5:

1. Sanchelove

So I am obsessed with two breeds of cats: Scottish folds and Munchkin cats, and this cat owner has a calico-fold-munchkin baby who is literally my spirit animal and my dream cat. The cat’s name is Urara and she is the most baby of cats. She has other cat siblings, and they are all so cute and adorable and they all make my boyfriend and I smile!

2. petitep0chemie

This cat is a straight up princess. She goes to really nice hotels, is pushed around on a stroller, wears the fluffiest jackets, and gets to pose next to a store bag from Bottega (not the real purse, just the shopping bag); and I can’t even afford a pair of shoes… Overall this cat is just adorable to watch and is probably the Japanese princess of Scottish fold cats, if I have ever seen one.

3. Little_milo_munchkin

This cat owner has two munchkin cats named Milo and Munchkin. Both are equally cute, Milo is super funny because he will meow and bug his owner until he gets fed. And Little is just big eyed and squishy looking.

4. matsumotoooooo

This is Matsumoto, it plays with sinks, is a really pretty cat and is absolutely darling. My boyfriend really likes this cat because he kind of relates to it. This cat is primarily known for sticking it’s head under running water and it’s just the cutest thing.

5. white_coffee_cat

This cat is just amazing. He battled cancer and won, he is simply cute and fluffy and has the best looking tail if I have ever seen one. He is also related to Nala, a very famous Instagram cat, and he has a younger cat sister named Luna Rose. What I love about this cat is that he just appears to be friendly and pleasant. His owners have him posing in bed and on their laps with i-phone cases advertising their stuff, and despite all that, he’s just a well behaved kitty.

So those are my favorite Instagram cats and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


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