As much as I love talking about cats, I also like to talk about other things. Like most Millennials, I really like what I buy, and I always want to share what I buy. Here is what I have bought in the past:

Lagom Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser 

This is a Korean-brand, and is sold in Target. This water-based cleanser works super well on my combo-sensitive skin. It must be that cool science H2O formula that is easy on my skin and doesn’t irritate it. It’s feels light, absorbs quickly and is effective. I haven’t had many major breakouts from it. I really do enjoy this product. 

Angels on Bare Skin 

I am a pretty hard-core “Lushie.” I’ve been a part of the cult since 2013, and it is where I got my first job! I obviously have a sentimental attachment to the company, but for natural products, they work pretty well! What I love about this cleanser is that it makes my skin feel really soft and radiant. It exfoliates but it doesn’t strip my skin of any moisture, and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. This is probably one of my favorite products from the company and I highly recommend it if your skin is on the sensitive/dry/combo side.

French Girl Rose Lip Polish

So I have pretty dry lips, and this is the best lip scrub I have ever used. It exfoliates, it hydrates, it was recommended Ingrid Nilsen, and it is amazing! I like that it smells like lychees, but most importantly, I love that it is moisturizing. It tastes great and it makes your lips feel soft and smooth.

Okay… scratch that… I’m going to talk about cat themed skincare products, because… I want them. I want my entire house to be filled with cats.

Cats are my aesthetic.

Pure Smile Cat Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are pretty awesome. I haven’t used this one in particular yet, but because it lets you become a cat-human, I’m willing to give it a try. Maybe scare some people.

Meow Meow Tweet

This is an organic body-care brand that was also recommended by several vlogs, including the vlog-queen herself, Ingrid Nilsen. I love organic stuff, and I need something to spend my money on something frivolous, so I’m gonna buy this in the future.

 All right…. I have tried to talk about something else besides cats. And… now here is a picture of an actual cat! Much cuter than skincare products. 




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