Best Cat Films

Screenshot 2017-04-25 21.55.09
“Catflix and Chill” cat owner unknown

Like everyone else, I too enjoy a great cat flick. No, I don’t mean that kind of cat flick I mean an actual cat, as in the god of all domesticated pets (if you thought otherwise, you nasty). Here are a few highly recommended films.

The Cat Returns

This is probably my favorite one. It’s an Alice in Wonderland-like fantasy. All of the kitties were beautifully drawn and the characters are adorable. Plus it’s a Ghibili film, which makes it even more exciting.

Oliver and Company

What I like about this film is that it is all about integration between cats and dogs. Yes, they can be friends and help each other out. I also love that this was inspired by Oliver Twist.


Another Disney Classic. This is the granddaddy of cat films. It sort of started everything, including an accurate media portrayal of cats. But in all honesty, it is a very adorable cat film with a great soundtrack and adorable characters.

Lion King

This obviously isn’t about domesticated cats, but it is still one of the best cat films I have ever seen. It’s lions inspired by Hamlet. If anything it just proves that cats no matter how big or small, can be the most complex of characters.

These are my favorites so far. I have yet to see more, I really want to see A Cat In Paris and that new Puss in Boots film but we’ll see what I’ll actually be able to get around to.

Till next time!


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