How to Make A Cat Eared Cap

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Hello Everyone!

Apologies for a late blog post, I’ve been very busy with multiple responsibilities, job searching, and planning for my favorite event, my graduation!

I completed college in the Fall, so I’m technically in the class of 2016. However, my university decided to lump all of us together and combine the graduates of Fall ’16 and Spring ’17, thus resulting in a very late ceremony.

One of the fun things we get to do as graduates is customize our caps, and this is how I customized mine: with cat ears. Not only is this super fun and easy to do, this is also a great way for your family to spot you from afar. Whether they’re trying to look for you in the stands or while you’re marching, you are sure to stand out. Here’s how to make them.

Step 1: Get a cat hand band or make your own.

I found that it is super easy to grab a headband with cat ears attached already, and replace the embellishments to your liking. I picked a cheap one from Nordstrom Rack and replaced the original design with something I preferred. A way to make your own cat headband is by getting a plain black headband (or one that matches the color of your cap), get some bendable wire and attach it to the headband. Pinterest has some great tutorials on how to accomplish that.

Step 2: Beautify.

Decorate your ears how ever you’d like. I added flowers to mine because I really like florals for spring (groundbreaking I know…). I recommend using a hot glue gun. Crazy glue works, but keep in mind, you’d have to reattach it overtime as it won’t stay in place. Glue your decorations on to the ears portion of your headband and let it dry on a flat surface.

Step 3: Attach to cap.

Now that you have made your cat ears, place your newly decorated cat headband on the base of the cap, not the flat part. You want this to act like a headband, unless you prefer to put ears on the flat part, that is entirely up to you. Now that you have it on your head, stick some bobby pins in there to prevent it from slipping.

Step 4: Look fabulous.

Style your hair to your liking, wear your favorite dress or whatever makes you happy, and congratulations! Not only did you earn a diploma, you look amazing!


Congratulations to the classes of 2016 and 2017! Don’t forget (I don’t know who said this) “cats always outsmart dogs.” In other words, be a cat, and outsmart all of the dogs in your lives (just kidding, I like dogs, dogs are smart too, just in a different way). Good luck! ❤



Best Cat Films

Screenshot 2017-04-25 21.55.09
“Catflix and Chill” cat owner unknown

Like everyone else, I too enjoy a great cat flick. No, I don’t mean that kind of cat flick I mean an actual cat, as in the god of all domesticated pets (if you thought otherwise, you nasty). Here are a few highly recommended films.

The Cat Returns

This is probably my favorite one. It’s an Alice in Wonderland-like fantasy. All of the kitties were beautifully drawn and the characters are adorable. Plus it’s a Ghibili film, which makes it even more exciting.

Oliver and Company

What I like about this film is that it is all about integration between cats and dogs. Yes, they can be friends and help each other out. I also love that this was inspired by Oliver Twist.


Another Disney Classic. This is the granddaddy of cat films. It sort of started everything, including an accurate media portrayal of cats. But in all honesty, it is a very adorable cat film with a great soundtrack and adorable characters.

Lion King

This obviously isn’t about domesticated cats, but it is still one of the best cat films I have ever seen. It’s lions inspired by Hamlet. If anything it just proves that cats no matter how big or small, can be the most complex of characters.

These are my favorites so far. I have yet to see more, I really want to see A Cat In Paris and that new Puss in Boots film but we’ll see what I’ll actually be able to get around to.

Till next time!

How To Design a Minimalist-Cat-Themed Abode

From Catify

My personal goal in life is to achieve my full mystic form in the most Millennial way possible: with cats and minimalism. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hello Kitty and Pusheen, but I love all cats equally.

I thought I’d share some fun ways to cover your home in cats, stylishly.

Find great inspiration through art and pop culture. 

This is one of my favorite prints, it’s by Tobe Fonseca and features kitties as the Joy Division album cover, Unknown Pleasures. It’s simple, memorable, and cute, and people will think you’re cool and cultured… pop-cultured, that is.

Furr Division” by Tobe Fonseca 

Start small. Get things that look subtle.

If you’re not too ready to commit and don’t want the burden of being “branded,” find small and distinguishable items that embody YOU as a cat lover. I recommend understated and subtle pieces that express “catluvah.” Mugs and trinkets are a great way to start.

Cat Mug Set by the Miya Company

Now actually cover your home with cloth that has cat or cat-like things.

Get bedsheets and mix them up with other kinds of neutral bedsheets for a sophisticated and clean look. It will appear effortless and chic at the same time.

Ziggy Quilt Cover Set

Get nice, minimalist, and cat-friendly furniture to compliment your cat themed items, and your future cat.

It is generally a good idea to get furniture that is comfortable, doesn’t get ruined easily, and fits your “aesthetic.” Obviously this isn’t my cat, but it looks good in a sleek and sculptural Eames chair.

Screenshot 2017-03-21 20.52.10
Chimay on Eames